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Dollars + Sense: How to live the good life without breaking the bank

By following some simple rules when it comes to spending, saving, borrowing and planning for your money, it’ll be easy to have cash on hand when you need it—no matter how old you are or how much money you make.

The special section “Dollars + Sense” and the teacher’s guide were created to help students learn more about financial health, why it is important and the decisions that impact it.

Take Winter By Storm

Get weather-ready with Take Winter By Storm. It’s not a question of if, but when the next storm hits, will you and your loved ones be ready? Now is the time to prepare.

Steering teens to safety

Learning to drive is an exciting time in life, but it’s also a great responsibility. Here’s an introduction to license laws, common driver distractions and safety information to help new drivers and their parents have a safe, fun experience.


Presented in partnership with SHINE, North Seattle College and the National Science Foundation, this program teaches about nanotechnology and its many uses. Students will also learn about a career in nanotechnology and will get advice directly from SHINE Nano Program graduates.

One Market For All

In partnership with Pike Place Market and 4Culture, “One Market for All” weaves the voices of the Pike Place Market through history, linking the past, present and the future while celebrating the uniqueness of the Market through oral tradition.

Curriculum guide available here.